European Alien Species Information Network - Web Services

Catalogue Web Services pre-cooked query URLs

Please find below a list of ready to use Catalogue web service query URL based on some common scenarios.

Environment Based

Terrestrial species

Marine species

Fresh water species

Oligohaline species

Concerned Bodies

Species of Union concern

Species of Member State concern (example with ES = Spain)

Species of Outermost regions concern (example with FRY1 = Guadeloupe and PT2 = Madeira ),PT2/skip/0/take/200

Specific Impact

High impact species

Low or unknown species

Single level taxonomy

Example with Reptilia

Example with Microsporea

Full taxonomy

Example with Nocardiaceae Bacteria

Presence in selected Countries

Single country selection, Spain here

Multiple country selection, Italy and Greece here,EL/skip/0/take/200

Species Status

Alien Species

Cryptogenic Species

Questionable Species

Horizon scanning species

Partly native

Native range

Native in single country, France in this example

Native in multiple country, Italy and Greece here,SK,SI/skip/0/take/200