• Assessment of invasive alien species of Union concern distribution

  • By 1 June 2019, and every six years thereafter, EU Member States (MS) shall report to the European Commission (EC) information about the implementation of the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Regulation. This report provides an analysis of the information reported by MS on the distribution of IAS of listed as of Union concern by 2017, recorded in their territory by December 2018. This information is correlated with the information available in the JRC baselines and complemented with MS notifications submitted via NOTSYS. The report includes important recommendations to the EC and the MS on how to improve reporting, data sharing, the use of the dedicated European scientific information and notification tools (EASIN and NOTSYS) and the streamlining of data processing, which are essential for an effective implementation of the IAS Regulation.

    Cardoso AC; Tsiamis K; Deriu I; D' Amico F; Gervasini E.

    EU Regulation 1143/2014: assessment of invasive alien species of Union concern distribution, Member States reports vs JRC baselines.

    Publications Office of the European Union; 2021, EUR 30689 EN, doi:10.2760/11150