Cardoso Ana Cristina

Ana Cristina Cardoso is a marine biologist, with a ‘Licenciatura’ (5 years University degree) in marine biology and fisheries, and a Ph.D. in marine biology. 


She has joined the European Commission, Joint Research Centre, in 1995 as a scientific officer. Since then, she has contributed and coordinated several institutional research and science-policy interface projects in the fields of freshwater and marine ecology. She has also participated in several EU-funded or other international and national research projects in these fields. 


She is (co)author of >90 publications (>40 in peer-reviewed international journals). Current research interests include the assessment of alien invasive species and their impacts on natural ecosystems. 


She was involved in EASIN conceptual design and she is responsible for its coordination.



Eugenio graduated in Agricultural Sciences, and specialized in entomology, phytopathology, Integrated Pest Management and biological control of pests. 


He worked 15 years at the Lombardy Plant Protection Service (Northern Italy), where he was in charge of the diagnostic labs. He has specific experience in ornamental nursery plants, floriculture, forest and urban forestry protection. He coordinated applied research concerning pests and their biological control in glasshouses, nurseries and in the natural environment, as well as surveys and contingency plans for quarantine pests. 


In 2003, he joined the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) Directorate of DG SANTE in Grange (Ireland), where he carried out audits on national plant health control systems, and coordinated dossiers concerning Member States' national surveys for agriculture, forest and environment quarantine organisms. 


He joined the EASIN Team in December 2014, where he is in charge of coordinating the Editorial Board, Citizen Science activities and communication.


Tsiamis Kostas

Kostas Tsiamis (M.Sc., Ph.D.) is a biologist, specialized in marine biology and oceanography. 

His research focuses on marine alien species, including biology, ecology, taxonomy and systematics, with emphasis on marine plants (seaweeds and seagrasses); pollution impacts and coastal management are also included among his fields of interest.

He has a broad experience in marine biodiversity surveys, carried out in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in laboratory analyses. He has participated in >25 international and national research projects and is (co)author of >30 publications in peer-review international journals.

Kostas is a member of the scientific team of EASIN since February 2015.


Deriu Ivan

Ivan is a data expert and senior analyst from Bosa in Sardinia, Italy. 

On 2005 he graduated in Computer Science from the University of Cagliari. 

He has since then worked on several projects in the internet and telecommunications field as data expert and analyst.

Ivan joined the JRC in 2012. He is currently working at the Water and Marine Resources Unit of the Directorate D - Sustainable Resources (JRC) where he is responsible of the data architecture, spatial capabilities and data processing components of the EASIN platform.


D'Amico Fabio

Fabio joined the JRC in 2011 and is the Application Architect and full-stack developer working at the design and implementation of the EASIN integrated platform. 

He completed the studies in Information Technology, has several Microsoft Certifications, a PRINCE2 certification, an Agile Scrum certification and about twenty years of experience working on information systems for telecommunication, energy, and public organisations.

He also designed and developed the official Notification System (NOTSYS) supporting the EU Regulation No 1143/2014 on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species.


Akuma Gemechis Teshome

Gemechis achieved his MSc in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. During his studies, he developed in particular his capabilities on Advanced Database & Software Engineering, Mobile Application, Big Data, Geographic Information System (GIS), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and related topics.

From 2009 to 2012, he worked at Jimma University, Ethiopia, where he obtained his BSc in computer science. He developed different software applications, to support learning and teaching processes, research, and administrative activities of this University.

Gemechis joined the EASIN Team as a trainee in February 2016 contributing to the upgrade of the EASIN web site.

He was also involved in other JRC projects, such as the preparation of a European Atlas of the Seas (MARATLAS), in the implementation of the MSFD Competence Centre (MCC), the Environmental Marine Information System (EMIS), and the Global Marine Information System (GMIS).  

Gemechis is teaming with the EASIN Data Manager and IT Architect to improve the quality of services EASIN can provide to users.



Celia got her Licenciatura (long cycle degree) in Biology at the University of Granada (Spain) in 2015.
Her areas of interest are plant ecology, science promotion and environmental education. She gained experience through different projects in Spain, Estonia and Azores Islands (Portugal). In the Azores, she have been involved in different actions related to Azorean forests ecology, population relationships with local biodiversity and citizen science. In addition, her MSc thesis in Management and Conservation of Nature (University of the Azores) aimed to study the invasive plants of Terceira Island in terms of diversity, distribution and local’s perspectives.
Celia joined the Joint Research Center in 2018 as a trainee and continued as an external consultant. Here, she is working on citizen science and the development of the communication strategy of EASIN.


Magliozzi Chiara *

Chiara is a freshwater and marine scientist, passionate about community ecology from the level of organisms to that of ecosystems, and in the processes explaining their spatial and temporal patterns.  
Her research has operated at the interface of hydrology and ecology, and focused on:
  • Hydro-ecological investigations to support the development of multi-scale solutions for river management;
  • Interactions of freshwater and marine species with their environments: niche analysis and distribution, taxonomical and functional trait approaches.
She joined the EASIN team in February 2019, where she works on the improvement of freshwater alien species records in the EASIN geodatabase.


GIOVOS Ioannis *

Ioannis (MSc) is a marine biologist with a background on conservation of Mediterranean endangered marine megafauna species. His research focuses on citizen science, the use of social media in science and the monitoring of alien and rare elasmobranch species in the Mediterranean Sea.

He is experienced in citizen science, data validation, building community around alien species themes, and monitoring surveys of invasive species. He has been involved in several project Universities and NGOs' projects regarding marine conservation, and he is also part of the CIESM Task Force for Sharks and Rays. Ioannis has  published about 20 articles in peer-review international journals and presented  more than 20 scientific communications in international conferences.

Ioannis joined EASIN Team in February 2018 and his main activities involve science communication, outreach communication strategy and community building. 


Fedele Ettore *

Ettore has a background in conservation ecology, with an MSc in Conservation and Management of Protected Areas from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. His main interests include terrestrial ecology, biological monitoring and ecosystem services, having chosen to focus his master’s research project on mega-herbivores impacts on the ecosystem.
His professional experience includes working as a volunteer at Mankwe Wildlife Reserve (South Africa) where he was involved in anti-poaching and wildlife management activities, and as a researcher in the Greater Kruger National Park, where he analyzed the effects of African elephants on biodiversity. He has also worked at Royal Botanic Gardens – Kew, where his duties included the production of plant species checklists and distribution maps. All these undertakings required extensive use of R, ArcGIS and management of large datasets.

Ettore joined the EASIN Team in September 2017 and his main tasks concern the assessment of invasive alien species impacts, aiming at investigating the applicability of a recently developed index for measuring socio-economic IAS impacts of in Europe.


Matei Ioana *

Ioana has a background in environmental science, with a BSc in Ecology and a MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment from Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania. Her main interests include aquatic ecology, biological monitoring and biological invasions, having chosen to focus her degree research project on alien invasive species.
Following graduation (2014), she has worked in environmental consulting, framing and elaborating environmental studies and reports (SEA, EIA, AA, biodiversity monitoring reports), on various projects ranging from wind farms to management of Natura 2000 sites or coastal erosion. She also has good experience in field surveys, both on terrestrial and aquatic species (expecially on benthic communities and birds).
Ioana joined the EASIN team in January 2017 and her main tasks concerned the citizen science section of the project, aiming at developing a data validation method for the EASIN smartphone app.


Steen Bart *

Bart has a BSc in Biology from the University of Utrecht, and undertook an Erasmus exchange in Helsinki, where he studied the ecology and biota of boreal ecosystems. The main focus of his bachelor degree was on Ecology.
He did his Master’s at Wageningen University, with again heavy emphasis in Ecology. He carried out a manipulative field study in South Africa, a correlative one in Canada and a modelling study using the MaxEnt and ArcGIS software in Sweden.
His professional ecological experience includes working as a volunteer at Wetlands International for two months, where he again used MaxEnt to model habitat suitability for Arctic bird species, and six months working on ecosystem services at the Wageningen University & Research Centre as a research assistant. Both of these undertakings required extensive use of ArcGIS and management of large datasets.
Bart joined the EASIN team as trainee in June 2016. His main activities involve the assessment of the cumulative impact of invasive freshwater species and the modelling of their potential distribution.


ADDAMO Anna Maria *

Anna M. Addamo (PhD.) is a biologist specialized in marine and evolutionary biology. 

Her research focuses on molecular ecology of coral reefs, including corals population genetics, phylogeography, taxonomy and systematics (mainly cold water corals). Biological monitoring, marine conservation and fisheries management are also included in her interests. 

She also has strong experience in field surveys - carried out in Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea and Pacific Ocean - investigating benthic community composition and structure of coral reefs, with emphasis in MPAs ecosystems. 

She has been working as a Trainee at the Water Resource Unit of the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (JRC), and she joined the EASIN Team in September 2015. Her role was to contribute to the enrichment of EASIN-Lit database and to review the scientific and grey literature aiming to update the occurrences and geo-referenced spatial data of IAS.