Become a citizen scientist

How it works?

  • Download the ‘Invasive Alien Species Europe” App (Android, iOS)

  • Take a photo of the species that you might have spotted from the list of Union concern and use the “Report a sighting” form in the App to send it to us, together with your location and other details

  • Make sure to check the species factsheets included in the App or the Training section on the website for more information about the 49 invasive alien species of Union Concern

  • The photo will then be reviewed by experts working with the EASIN team and, following validation, your report will be visible on the map and used to update the EASIN geodatabase

By following these steps you will help improve the information on invasive alien species distribution in Europe. Why is this so important? Knowing the distribution of these species will facilitate the official surveillance, the adoption of efficient measures for prevention, early detection and control of IAS, reducing the ecological and economical damages that they may cause.

For more information, refer to the users' manual of the Invasive Alien Species Europe app: