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  • MSFD Newly Introduced NIS

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    Establishing thresholds: workshop on the MSFD Newly Introduced NIS (D2C1)

    The workshop aims at discussing threshold values for the criterion D2C1-Newly Introduced Non Indigenous Species (NIS), and organised in the context of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) Good Environmental Status (GES) Working Group.

    The workshop will gather the MSFD NIS (MSFD Descriptor 2) expert network, the Regional Sea Convention’s representatives for D2, the EEA, and the JRC at an online venue for discussing the application of the approach for setting threshold values for the criterion D2C1 reported in Tsiamis et al 2021, on the baseline datasets of NIS, and other approaches.

    The workshop will contribute to overcoming two key limitations in setting threshold values for the assessment of NIS: i) use of common baseline datasets of NIS and updates, and ii) testing a selection of methods for NIS that account for the specificities of Marine Regions. Based on the workshop outcome the JRC will coordinate the drafting of a discussion paper to the MSFD GES Working Group with proposals for threshold values.


    • Start Time: Thu 24, 2022 9:00 AM CET (Europe/Rome)
    • End Time: Thu 24, 2022 4:00 PM CET (Europe/Rome)
    • Location: (online) TEAMSGRP MSFD Non-Indigenous Species
    • Event Type: Meeting
    • Event Visibility & Attendance Policy: Open

    Contact person: ana-cristina.cardoso(at)