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  • EASIN geodatabase is growing

    Geodatabase version 6.5 just released

    Great news concerninging EASIN geodatabase! Spatial data on Alien Species occurring in Europe are supplied by a network of Data Partners, on the basis of the species contained in the EASIN Catalogue.

    Our geodatabase now includes the new layers for the outermost regions of Europe. 1,500 records of relevance to the French Outermost regions were added to the database from GBIF. In addition, the latest records collected by volunteers with the IAS app (around 800), and official Member States notifications of species of Union concern submitted through NOTSYS. The total number of records in the geodatabase is 113,535,015 (+2,320).

    Data collected can be searched and visualized through the EASIN Species Search and Mapping tool, where maps can show the presence of alien species at country, grid 10x10 km, river basin district and marine ecoregion level.