• Welcome NEMA!

    New EASIN data partner

    EASIN is a network of Data Partners with a complementary and additive role to existing databases and information systems. Sharing knowledge is a key issue to tackle alien species, and a single entry point on species data can help their management at European level.

    Data owners, such as online and offline databases, Universities, Research Institutes, scientists, citizen science projects etc, are invited to share data sets and expertise on alien apecies occurring in Europe by joining the network, increasing their visibility and their impact.

    EASIN welcomes NEMA to join the network of data partners. The NEMA (New Marine Species of the Algarve) project was launched in early 2019 by ECOREACH, a research group at the Centre of Marine Sciences at the University of Algarve (Portugal). The project aims at highlighting the need of increased scientific knowledge about non-native species in the coastal and estuarine areas of the Algarve (southern Portugal) trought citizen science.

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