• EASIN geodatabase updates!

    17,313 new records added

    The occurrences of Alien Species in Europe results from extraction of spatial data coming from a network of Data Partners, on the basis of the species contained in the EASIN Catalogue.

    The EASIN geodatabase has been updated to version 6.1 with partners' contributions including a high number of new data from Hungary, Romania, Estonia, Denmark, Portugal and Greece. The total amount of records in the EASIN geodatabase is now 109,015,908. Data collected through the geodatabase contribute to the preparation and update of the baseline distributions of species of Union Concern under EU Regulation 1143/2014.

    Data collected can be visualized on the EASIN Species Search and Mapping tool, where the maps show the presence of alien species. The maps generated can be downloaded and exported.

    For more information on the EASIN Geodatabase:.

    For more information: https://easin.jrc.ec.europa.eu/easin/GeoDatabase