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    IAS in Europe app

    By accessing the new Citizen Science reports viewer on the EASIN website it is possible to visualize, map and explore the validated reports of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) sent by citizen scientists through the “Invasive Alien Species in Europe” App.

    Validated reports are those which have been moderated and approved by the EASIN team. Validated reports include the scientific name of the species, good-quality pictures and accurated GPS location. If any of these attributes are missing, validators will contact participants via chat to solve any specific requirement to validate their contribution. Citizen scientists can add comments to their observations with further information aiming at faciliating the validation process.

    Citizen Science reports supplement spatial data shared by EASIN data partners and Member States Competent authorities on IAS, and enrich the EASIN Geodatase.

    Further developments of the IAS in Europe app will include a web version to send observations via the EASIN website. Keep tuned!

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