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    The Editorial Board team grows.

    We welcome Rafal Maciaszek!

    The EASIN Editorial Board is the key tool for the quality assurance of the EASIN Catalogue of species. The Members of the Editorial Board are taxonomic experts responsible for specific groups of species.

    Rafal Maciaszek is graduated in zoology and is a PhD student working at the Department of Animal Genetics and Conservation of Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

    His research interests focus on freshwater crustaceans, such as crayfishes, shrimps and crabs. He conceived the Lowca Obcych (Alien Hunter) project, the largest citizen-science initiative dedicated to invasive alien species in Poland. For his educational and pro-social activities, Rafal was awarded by the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment with the title of Climate Man of the Year in 2021.

    Rafal is now a member of the EASIN Editorial Board,in charge of scientific updates on freshwater crayfish in Europe.

    Welcome on Board, Rafal!