• EASIN updates

    The major update of EASIN includes: 'Show Species' functionality, Time Slider, HCMR-EEA is a new Data Partner

    The major update of EASIN includes:
    1. 'Show Species' functionality: in our mapping widget, the registered user can click on a geographical feature (country, cell of our standard 10x10 km grid, river basin) and get full lists of the species reported as present (total or by each separate data provider).
    2. Time Slider: a time slider has been implemented in our mapping widget. Now the user can limit the records shown in the map to a specified time-range.
    3. HCMR-EEA is a new Data Partner: the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research (HCMR) has been contracted within the European Topic Centre for Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters (ETC/ICM) by the European Environment Agency (EEA) to report on trends in marine alien species in European Seas. To serve this purpose, HCMR has developed a pan-European database of marine aliens. The Mediterranean component of this has been validated with Mediterranean taxonomic experts, is continuously updated and includes country-level lists of marine alien species. On May 2013, we agreed with HCMR-EEA to include this (the Mediterranean component) in EASIN.
    4. Update of EASIN-LitEASIN-Lit is an EASIN product, providing data on species distribution from the literature. 67 additional publications have been added to EASIN-Lit; now the total number of included publications is 139. In this update we have included, among others, many national reviews of alien marine species.
    5. Update of the EASIN-Catalogue: version 2.7 of the EASIN Catalogue has been uploaded. Mainly corrections/additions in the marine part of the Catalogue have been made.

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