• EASIN tools update

    New filters added to the Search and Mapping tools

    The Search and Mapping tools lead to the exploration of the EASIN Catalogue. These tools allow the combination of filters to access the information about >14,000 alien species included in the catalogue. The selected species can be mapped, availing data aggregated by EASIN from the EASIN network of Data Partners.

    The new filters "Risk Assessment Priority" and "Specific Country" have been now added to the already available filtering options (impact, level of concern, partly native in Europe, alien status, type of environment, taxonomy and pathways).

    The EU geographical distribution of the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) of Union concern (EU Regulation 1143/2014) can be selected using the specific filter “Union Concern”.

    In addition, t is also possible to visualize and export the output of the mapping process using different layers to which "Marine Ecoregions", "MSFD Marine areas" and "Outermost Regions" options have been added.

    For more information and exploration of the EASIN Search and Mapping tools: