• EASIN updates

    This update of EASIN includes: Links to original data providers, Update of EASIN-Lit, Update of the EASIN-Catalogue

    This update of EASIN includes:
    1. Links to original data providers: many data providers currently linked to EASIN (e.g. GBIF) are actually aggregators of data from other data providers. Now it is possible for the user to track the original source of data (if available) for every record (in country lists or river basins or 10x10km grid cells). In the case of literature-based databases such as EASIN-Lit, links to the relevant publications are provided in the same way.
    2. Update of EASIN-LitEASIN-Lit is an EASIN product, providing data on species distribution from the literature. With the present update, the total number of included publications is 227. The new additions focused on marine invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea.
    3. Update of the EASIN-Catalogue: version 2.8 of the EASIN Catalogue has been uploaded. Links to additional factsheets have been included (IUCN/MedPAN, SeaLifeBase).