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  • New species in the EASIN Catalogue

    Great news on EASIN catalogue of alien species!

    Version 10.0 has been released. The catalogue is the basis for retrieving spatial data on species’ distribution in Europe.

    In this new version, 6 species have been added (Ctenogobios boleosoma, Angiostrongylus cantonensis, Saissetia miranda, Hislopia prolixa, Eurytoma samsonovi and Vallisneria australis, affecting terrestrial and aquatic environments).

    But that's not all: due to recent taxonomic changes, the names and the right authorship of some species have also been updated.

    Our catalogue is constantly updated, by reviewing scientific literature and thank to the Editorial Board taxonomists, who assure high quality to EASIN data.

    We will be glad to receive information on species not yet recorded in our catalogue which have been reported in your country!

    Thanks for joining efforts and sharing knowledge! Contribute to EASIN.