Species Search and Mapping

The Search and Mapping tools allow the geographical mapping of occurrences from the EASIN Geo Database about species collected in the EASIN Catalogue.

Species can be searched by any combination of a quite extensive number of criteria, mapped by using multiple layer types, and then filtering geospatial data based on Data Partners and EASIN-Lit

EASIN collects also the EU geographical distribution of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) of Union concern (published in EU Regulation 1143/2014 and adopted by Commission Implementing Regulations (EU) 2016/1141, 2017/1263, 2019/1262 and 2022/1203 ). The EU geographical distribution of IAS of Union concern is set through a Science for Policy Report, based on the best available knowledge.

To search IAS of Union concern from the EASIN catalogue, the specific “Union Concern” filter is used. To eventually map IAS of Union concern from official data sources only, please use the filters on the map to select Notsys and Baseline data sources only.

For further details on the available filters logic and mapping options, and how to use the Tools in general, please refer to our User Guide