Species Search and Mapping

The Search and Mapping tools allow the exploration of the EASIN Catalogue facilitated by several filters. Currently, these include impact, level of concern, partly native in Europe, alien status, type of environment, taxonomy and pathways.

The EU geographical distribution of the Invasive Alien Species (IAS) of Union concern (published in EU Regulation 1143/2014 and adopted by Commission Implementing Regulations (EU) 2016/1141, 2017/1263 and 2019/1262) can be selected using the specific filter “Union Concern”. The EU geographical distribution of IAS of Union concern is set through a Science for Policy Report, based on the best available knowledge.

Any combination of the above-mentioned filters is possible to access the information about alien species in the EASIN catalogue. The selected species can be mapped, availing data aggregated by EASIN from the EASIN network of Data Partners and EASIN-Lit.