Alien-CSI COST Action: Increasing the understanding of alien species through citizen science


Friday, 22 February 2019

Management of alien species requires increasing of knowledge and consideration of the ecological and social perspectives. With the development of on-line recording systems, smartphone apps and social media, more citizens (experts and non-experts) raise their awareness and get involved in the recording of alien species. Increasing the understanding of alien species through citizen science allows the improvement of data flow, quality and knowledge while promoting people engagement. In 2018, a European CO-operation in Science and Technology Action, COST Alien-CSI 17122, started to address multidisciplinary questions in relation to citizen science, as an evolved scientific approach to alien species.

EASIN team members are getting involved in different aspects of COST Alien-CSI. This month we host two scientists working on data validation coming from citizen scientists’ contributions. In addition, EASIN members will contribute to the working groups of the COST Action meeting from 25th to 28th February in Cyprus. The aim of this meeting is to continue the implementation of the COST action in citizen science and people engagement, data management, data analysis and visualization.

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