New EASIN Team Member


Thursday, 22 February 2018

EASIN is devoting increasing attention to Citizen Science, to engage with a wider public and  join efforts in alien species monitoring and management. To this end, the Smart App Invasive Alien Species in Europe constitutes one of the available tools for citizens' involvement. To increase citizens' awareness, tailored news and a dedicated webpage have been created, and social media are actively used to disseminate information.

We warmly welcome to EASIN Team Ioannis Giovos, marine biologist with a background on conservation of Mediterranean endangered marine megafauna species. His research focuses on the monitoring of alien and rare elasmobranch species in the Mediterranean Sea, citizen science, data validation, and the use of social media in science.

Ioannis joined EASIN Team in February 2018 and his main activities concern Citizen Science, science communication, outreach communication strategy aimed at building a wider community of interest around alien species issues.