Olive cultivars (tolerant and) resistant to Xylella fastidiosa


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Following the Xylella fastidiosa outbreak in Italy’s main olive oil producing region, Apulia, research efforts have been directed towards assessing the susceptibility of different olive cultivars to the strain of X. fastidiosa consistently found in the Apulian outbreaks.

A recently released EFSA study provides evidence of tolerance traits shown by the cultivar Leccino. The currently available experimental assays and field surveys made in the affected area prove that the cultivar Leccino, when infected by the pathogen, develops milder and attenuated symptoms of decay and desiccation than the highly susceptible cultivars Cellina di Nardò and Ogliarola salentina where the presence of X. fastidiosa infections compromises the survival of the trees.

Preliminary results show that a tolerant or resistant behaviour can also be found in other olive cultivars.

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Picture ©Petr Pakandl