LIFE project in Italy to monitor and fight Vespa velutina


Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Consortium including Universities, Research Centers, Civilian Associations, Beekepers and Citizens is managing a LIFE project STOPVESPA (LIFE14/NAT/IT/001128 STOPVESPA “Spatial containment of Vespa velutina in Italy and establishment of an Early Warning and Rapid Response System”), aiming at combating Vespa velutina, invasive alien species of Union concern under Commission Reg. 2016/1141, whose presence has been reported in northern Italy (Piedmont and Liguria regions).

The activities of the Consortium include education, information and wide public engagement, also availing of a nice and effective website:, allowing the report of insects detection or nests presence.

Two monitoring Teams make use of an innovative prototype of “entomology radar” developed by the Politecnico of Turin. A national network is being build linking beekepers and citizens, aiming at early detection and eradication of the pest. 

A “Vespa Emergency Team” can support public administrations in establishing monitoring networks in all Italian regions.