EASIN Geodatabase updates


Monday, 19 November 2018

EASIN  GeoDatabase version 4.9 has been published online. 

Users can now find data from two new data partners, bringing the total to 22:

- NOTSYS, which provides spatial data coming from Member States official surveillance of invasive alien species of Union concern (EU Regulation 1143/2014). The detection of regulated species is swiftly notified to the European Commission and to the other Members States via the official notification system Notsys,

- IASE, Citizen Science data collected via the smartphone application "Invasive Alien Species Europe" and validated by EASIN.

In addition, a comprehensive literature review has been performed seeking for spatial data on species candidate for the second update of the list of species of Union concern, which are currently under evaluation by the Scientific Forum and Invasive Alien Species Committee, organisms composed of Member States representatives supporting DG Environment in the implementation of the Regulation on invasive alien species.

The total number of spatial records concerning alien species occurring in Europe is  now 53.316.744.