New release of the Invasive Alien Species Europe Smart App


Monday, 4 December 2017

A second release of the Smart App "Invasive Alien Species Europe" is now available. The upgrade contains 11 additional alien species of Union concern, published by means of the Commission Implementing Regulation 1263/2017, bringing the total to 48 species.

Invasive alien species (IAS) can have severe effects on biodiversity, ecosystems and human activities. Due to the growing of trade and movement of goods and people, the early detection of newly introduced alien species is vital. 

The Invasive Alien Species application, developed by JRC through the collaboration between MYGEOSS and EASIN Teams, enables to report occurrences of IAS of Union concern in Europe, allowing citizens to contribute to early detections of new invaders. User friendly factsheets and pictures guide the user towards the identification of species likely to have been observed.

Citizen reports will undergo a validation process after which data will be fed into EASIN information system, and shown under a specific data partner “Citizen Science”. The App can be freely downloaded from Google and Apple Store.

 Be part of the effort to detect and manage IAS in Europe!