New EPPO standards


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

EPPO has enriched its sets of standards by means of publishing new or revised standards in the December issue of the EPPO Bulletin (follow the links to the Wiley-Blackwell website). 

Worth highlighting the following standards, concerning controls and diagnostic of plant pests and the specific one concerning monitoring, containment and eradication of Baccharis halimifolia, invasive species of Union concern under EU Regulation 1143/204.

Phytosanitary procedures: PM 3/81 (1) Inspection of consignments for Xylella fastidiosa

PM 3/82 (1) Inspection of places of production for Xylella fastidiosa

Diagnostics: PM 7/129 (1) DNA barcoding as an identification tool for a number of regulated pests

PM 7/24 (2) Xylella fastidiosa

Addendum - PM 7/4 (3) Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

National regulatory control systems
PM 9/21(1) Popillia japonica: procedures for official control

PM 9/23 (1) Baccharis halimifolia