The EASIN catalogue has been updated to the version 3.2


Friday, 31 January 2014

Main changes:
  • Information on all freshwater species and on terrestrial mammals has been revised and updated. Information on status, year and country of first introduction, and pathway(s) of introduction is now available through the EASIN widgets.
  • The total number of 'freshwater' species now appears substantially reduced in relation to the previous Catalogue version as: 1) riparian plants are no longer included in the 'freshwater' environment but only in the 'terrestrial' environment, and 2) a new category called "oligohaline/estuarine" was introduced to include estuarine and oligohaline species that were previously classified as both ‘marine’ and ‘freshwater’.
  • The EASIN search/mapping widget by multiple criteria will be soon updated to allow users to select/deselect the above mentioned new category.