Linnaeus in your hands: Citizen Science, Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence


Monday, 16 April 2018

Citizen Science is currently one of the hottest topics in environmental research, increasing our understanding of the natural world, democratizing science, raising awareness among non-experts and enhancing policy. Despite being an old practice that goes back to the Darwin times, Citizen Science recently is facing a revolution, contributing significantly to our knowledge on topics like climate change, invasive alien species, endangered species and many more.

The emergence of citizen science is highly supported by the smartphones technology and the applications of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, having a smartphone is like having Carl Linnaeus by your side. You just download an App, take a photo of a plant or animal and in several cases you receive immediately the species identification and other information, learning but also helping in the creation of huge data repositories.

Visit our page IAS Citizen Science projects in Europe and discover citizen science projects and projects on invasive alien species around the globe.

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