EASIN Trainee engaged in socioeconomic impact of alien species


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Biological invasions can cause high costs to the environment and socio-economy. However, the impacts caused by alien species vary between species and contexts and there is substantial debate on their severity and scale. 

A standard method to evaluate socioeconomic impact across impact types, regions or species is offered by the Socio-economic impact classification of alien taxa (SEICAT, Bacher et al. 2017), which can help in prioritizing species for policy and management.

JRC has decided to check the applicability of this  recently developed index for measuring socio-economic IAS impacts of in Europe, and opened a trainee position, which has been awarded to Ettore Fedele, a young Italian graduate with background in conservation ecology, biological monitoring and ecosystem services with an MSc in Conservation and Management of Protected Areas. Ettore worked in projects in Africa and UK.

Welcome to the EASIN Team, Ettore!