We welcome NBN UK, Invasoras PT and a Belgium group of research organisations as new EASIN data partners


Thursday, 26 April 2018

EASIN is glad to announce the enlargement of the data partners network. Three more scientific entities have agreed to share scientific information and spatial data on alien species with the scientific community, managers, and general public via EASIN platform.

The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) UK, is a registered charity that has been championing the sharing of biological data in the UK since 2000, with the aim of improving the availability of high resolution and high quality data, to provide the base for all environmental decision-making in the UK.

Invasoras PT is a Portuguese project  aiming at raising awareness about biological invasions, disseminating information on the different invasive plants in Portugal, and stimulating public participation in mapping and control of invasive plants.

A Belgium Group of research organisations  contributed to EASIN European baseline providing  the Belgian baseline distribution of invasive alien species of Union concern. Data were compiled from various datasets holding invasive species observations such as data from research institutes and research projects (76%), citizen science observatories (23%) and a range of other sources (1%) such as governmental agencies, water managers.

We warmly welcome  and  thank very much our new partners for joining the EASIN network!

If you are interested in becoming an EASIN data partner please contact us at: