The EASIN Team welcomes Bart Steen, the new trainee


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Bart has a BSc in Biology from the University of Utrecht, and undertook an Erasmus exchange in Helsinki, where he studied the ecology and biota of boreal ecosystems. The main focus of his bachelor degree was on Ecology.
He did his Master’s at Wageningen University, with again heavy emphasis in Ecology. He carried out a manipulative field study in South Africa, a correlative one in Canada and a modelling study using the MaxEnt and ArcGIS software in Sweden.
His professional ecological experience includes working as a volunteer at Wetlands International for two months, where he again used MaxEnt to model habitat suitability for Arctic bird species, and six months working on ecosystem services at the Wageningen University & Research Centre as a research assistant. Both of these undertakings required extensive use of ArcGIS and management of large datasets.
His main activities in EASIN involve the assessment of the cumulative impact of invasive freshwater species and the modelling of their potential distribution.