Upcoming Workshop on Citizen Science and Open Data: a model for Invasive Alien Species in Europe


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Organizers: JRC & COST
Where: Brussels, COST meeting facilities
When: 8 February 2017 (1 day – 09:00 – 18:00)

With a focus on IAS, this workshop aims at bringing together key stakeholders to:
•             Identify methods to let Citizens contributing to policy making on environmental issues, and on how to use currently available data from citizens;
•             Identify best practices for engaging citizens in collecting and sharing environmental data;
•             Identify the technical constraints and solutions for data sharing, management and communication to the relevant authorities.

Member states organisations responsible for monitoring and managing of alien species, Biologic invasion researchers, citizen science researchers, industry, ECSA, GBIF, TDWG, GEO BON and EU BON, DG ENV, DG RTD and DG CONNECT

More information and preliminary agenda:

Registration for this workshop is upon invitation only. Interest to participate should be expressed to Dr Mafalda Quintas, COST Science Officer, mafalda.quintas@cost.eu. Professional background and motivation must be explained.