Latest developments


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mapping Widgets
  • Now, the user can select to include or not the native range (in Europe) of species that are partly native (i.e. native in some parts of Europe but alien in some other parts). In single-species maps the native range can be made visible in a different color.

Search Widgets
  • The OLIGOHALINE environment was added, defined as aquatic bodies with salinity between 0.5 and 5. 
  • Users can now search for species filtering by Species Status (Alien, Cryptogenic or Questionable)
  • Species status is now also reported in the species data sheet, available by clicking the (+) symbol aside the species name. 

  • New records have been added for 251 species.

Minor Improvements:
  • When running a query, now the map is shown first instead of the species list.
  • Performance has been improved when running a query some minor bugs were fixed.