Microcosmus anchylodeirus (Ascidia): possibly a new alien species for the Mediterranean


Monday, 24 October 2016

Several specimens of Microcosmus anchylodeirus Traustedt, 1883 were successively collected by divers along the shores of southern Corsica. 

The species is recorded for the first time from the Mediterranean Sea. 

These ascidians correspond well from morphology features to Atlantic specimens from the Caribbean islands and also to those described from Brazil. Pacific specimens identified as Microcosmus multitentaculatus Tokioka, 1953 from Japan and Korea have been examined and are now considered as junior synonyms of Microcosmus anchylodeirus, a species whose origin is not known.

More information here: Monniot F., 2016. Microcosmus anchylodeirus (Ascidiacea, Pyuridae) introduced in the Mediterranean Sea. Zootaxa 4175 (3): 222–230.