Welcome to a new EASIN Team Member


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Keeping information on alien species occurring in Europe up-to-date is EASIN's main goal. This is possible thanks to the established and fruitful  collaboration with a network of scientific organizations and data repositories at European and global level. The systematic review of scientific literature, through EASIN-Lit, allows adding further entries to the EASIN Catalogue of alien species as well as spatial data to the Geodatabase.

We warmly welcome to EASIN Team Chiara Magliozzi, freshwater and marine biologist, who has joined JRC in February 2019 as a trainee. Chiara is passionate about community ecology from the level of specific organisms to that of ecosystems, and interested in the processes explaining their spatial and temporal distribution patterns. She will be working on the improvement of the EASIN geodatabase on freshwater alien species. Chiara has carried out research focusing on:

 -  Hydro-ecological investigations to support the development of multi-scale solutions for river management, and

-  Interactions of freshwater and marine species with their environments: niche analysis and distribution, taxonomical and functional trait approaches.

More information about EASIN team members: https://easin.jrc.ec.europa.eu/easin/People/Teams