First report of the Lessepsian fish Etrumeus golanii from Tunisia


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The presence of the Lessepsian migrant red-eye round herring Etrumeus golanii (Clupeidae) is confirmed in Tunisian coastal waters with the record of 7 specimens captured in June 2014 in the Gulf of Gabes. 

These specimens were carriers, with different degrees of prevalence, of 3 parasites Lecithochirium jaffense (Digenea), Anisakis sp. (Nematoda) and Gnathia sp. (Isopoda). 

This new record of E. golanii may confirm the rapid range expansion of this Lessepsian migrant in the Central Mediterranean Sea, as well as the infection with parasites newly reported on this host.

More info on: Boussellaa W., Boudaya L., Derbel H. & Neifar L., 2016. A new record of the Lessepsian fish Etrumeus golanii (Teleostei: Clupeidae) in the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia, with notes on its parasites. Cah. Biol. Mar. 57 : 389-395.