Work in progress in the EASIN GeoDatabase


Thursday, 27 October 2016

EASIN Geodatabase is currently under maintenance and a thorough revision to ensure improved reliability and efficiency.

A milestone version 3.0 has been recently issued, with 7.592.127 processed records from the EASIN Partners network.

Priority has been given to the  alien species of Union concern, the species under scrutiny for listing as of Union concern, the species highlighted by means of Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning, and the species in the freshwater-marine-oligohaline environments.

The link to GBIF has been re-established and its datasets in the process of complete revision due their APIs update (
GISIN, REABIC, ELNAIS, CIESM partners have been revised and they will be released in the next weeks.

In the meantime, new data partners have joined the EASIN network and their data are in the process of being indexed and released during the upcoming releases of the geodatabase.

With the version 3.0 we are glad to present the data coming from the Marine Mediterranean Invasive Alien Species (MAMIAS - and the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC -, to which a dedicated news will be published soon.

The current release of the EASIN mapping tool contains the species spatial data information at Country and Grid10x10Km level. River basin districts and Marine Ecoregions layers will be restored during the upcoming releases.

We take this occasion to thank the EASIN users and partners for their appreciated and always welcome feedback and contribution.