Aquarium trade as introduction pathway for non-indigenous species


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Three new marine non-indigenous species have been reported so far from the Mediterranean Sea in 2018, and suspected having beeen released from tropical aquariums.

Aquarium industry is considered an important source of invasive aquatic species introductions globally. In Europe, 3% of the introductions have been attributed to release or escape from aquariums. Up to now, aquarium trade has been considered responsible for the introduction of some 18 species in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the most significant pathways.

Management methods include the sensitization of the aquarium owners' community, along with early detection and rapid response. The Council of Europe prepared a voluntary code of conduct to raise awareness within the pet industry and among owners and keepers of pets, including aquarium owners, and provides practical guidance to further reduce the chances of pet species becoming invasive in Europe.

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