Invasive Alien Species Europe App source code publicly available


Monday, 14 August 2017

JRC has released the source code of the Smartphone application “Invasive Alien Species Europe” (allowing reporting of invasive species of Union concern under EU Regulation 1143/2014), under the General Public License GNU GPLv3. This license allows interested users to copy, distribute and modify the software as long as track changes/dates are kept source files.

Any modifications to the GPL-licensed code must also be made available under the same license, ideally complemented with build & install instructions.

JRC will soon release an upgrade of the App, which will include the 12 species added to the list of Union concern by the Commission Implementing Regulation 1263/2017. JRC plans also to release the back-end software supporting the validation of data submitted via the App under the same type of license.

The source code, Programmer's Manual and Software Architecture Document can be obtained at:

The Programmer's Manual and Software Architecture Documentation can be downloaded at:

For further information on this, please contact the JRC or MYGEOSS Team at  or EASIN Team at

Further information on “Invasive Alien Species Europe” App: