Early detection of Invasive Alien Species


Monday, 8 October 2018

Early detection of an invasive alien species is vital to apply effective eradication measures and avoid negative impacts in a given region to native biodiversity, or to ecosystem services that the environment can provide.

The EU Regulation 1143/2014, article 16, requires that the early detection of the introduction or presence of an invasive alien species of Union concern must be communicated without delay, also to the other Member States, which can be in this way alerted and better tailor their official surveillance. This can happen through the EASIN platform, which hosts the official notification system, NOTSYS.


Once a notification is introduced, NOTSYS generates automatic alert mails to all Member States Competent Authorities. Measures applied and their effectiveness are mutually communicated using the same system.


NOTSYS has been operational since September 2016, and the most reported species of Union concern have been: Vespa velutina, Myocastor coypus, Lagarosiphon major, Oxyura jamaicensis, Muntiacus reevesi, Eichornia crassipes.


Picture Credit: River Edge Nature Center