Stand up for European biodiversity!


Thursday, 29 June 2017

It is peak season for alien species, also known as non-native species to Europe, whether highly invasive or not. 
Plants and shrubs are blooming, animals and insects are buzzing around. Take the chance to spot them near your living place, in parks and natural areas, to help protecting biodiversity. 
It will not be difficult to stumble, as an example, on Himalayan balsam, the Tree of heaven, Lousiana crayfish, or the like.  If you noticed something unusual, like species considered  of  Union concern, please report to your local authorities or national competent authorities in charge of the implementation of EU Regulation 1143/2014.
You can find technical information and identification factsheets in several national websites, on EASIN data partners network websites, and specifically tailored on invasive alien species of Union concern on the EASIN App Invasive Alien Species Europe (Android, iOS).
Last but not least, avoid to introduce them or favor their dispersal.

Picture - Creative Commons Zero (CCO) License