Postdoc opportunities in the field of biodiversity


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Scientist in the field of biodiversity, ecosystem services and health
(Deadline 17th October 2016)

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)  is looking for a highly motivated scientist to take a lead role in developing this field, both through analysis of existing studies and data as well as primary research on the effectiveness of urban green space on indicators of human well-being and health benefits in collaboration with BfN and with ongoing long-term health studies.
Suitable applications from the environmental, social and health sciences are very welcome. 
UFZ is looking for candidates with strong analytical skills, who enjoy interdisciplinary work at the science-policy-society interface. 

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12 postdoc fellowships at Azores
(Deadline 15th October 2016)

Funded by the DRCT –AZORES 2020, 12 postdoc fellowship in the fields of
  • Marine Sciences (4)
  • Agriculture (4)
  • Tourism (4)
are available at Azores to fit the Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS3) in which Biodiversity is a transversal topic.
Paulo A. V Borges is looking for potential candidates to write competitive proposals to answer one or more of the following research questions using arthropods as model organisms:
  • What is the impact of human mediated habitat heterogeneity (e.g. agriculture and forestry practices) on Species Abundance Distributions (SADs) of different island biogeographical groups (endemic vs. native vs exotics)? (AGRICULTURE CALL)
  • What is the relative importance of deterministic, stochastic, and neutral mechanisms of species coexistence on human modified habitats? (AGRICULTURE CALL)
  • Are island compositional assembly rules similar for native vs. human modified habitats? (AGRICULTURE CALL)
  • How do functional and phylogenetic diversity of island communities change under disturbance in island systems? (AGRICULTURE and/or TOURISM CALL)
  • How can we identify which island taxa are most at risk from touristic activities in small islands, and their risk-associated traits? (TOURISM CALL)
  • What is the optimum set of Essential Island Biodiversity Variables for coordinated island monitoring programs in different kinds of habitats (AGRICULTURE and/or TOURISM CALL)
Additional topics of interest that can intersect these questions are “Ecosystems Services (e.g., how to quantify ecosystem services in arthropods in agroecosystems) and “Functional traits in arthropods” related with agroecosystems (e.g. pollinators and fruit production).
Some data is already available from long-term studies in Azores (see ISLANDLAB projects ( and AZORES BIOPORTAL (, but additional data acquisition will be needed to answer the above mentioned questions.

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