Keeping information on alien species up-to-date


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Keeping information on alien species occurring in Europe up-to-date is the EASIN main goal, which is being sought by establishing collaboration with scientific organisations and data repositories at European and global level. A network of data partners has agreed to share their data, which are made accessible to a broader audience via EASIN platform. Original source of data is referenced and credited.

The systematic review of scientific literature, through EASIN-Lit activity, allows adding new entries to the EASIN Catalogue of alien species and spatial data to the geodatabase.

EASIN is glad to announce that the recently finalized collaboration with MITECO (Ministry for the Ecological Transition) allows sharing spatial records on terrestrial and freshwater alien plants occurring in Spain. MAPAMA role, functions and logo are shown in our data partners page.

Researchers and organizations willing to share spatial data on alien species are invited to contribute to EASIN project by joining the network:  details and contacts can be found here.