The European Commission's Citizen Science Platform


Thursday, 25 January 2018

European policies decision making process is supported by scientific evidence to which citizens can contribute, under the concept of Citizen Science. However, contributions to policy making need to be tuned on policy needs and be available at the right time.

To address this issue the JRC has recently published the report "Using new data sources for policy making

The Citizen Science Platform offers to citizens the opportunity to contribute to European policy making. It is a customizable tool to facilitate data collection, gathered using smartphone applications. The received inputs are used to extend the evidence base for European policies.

The platform ensures interoperability of the newly collected evidence with the required decision making processes. It also ensures that citizens’ inputs arrive at the time when required by the relevant policy debates. The platform hosts biodiversity themes, including the Invasive Alien Species App, and allows reporting observations of species regulated by the European legislation.

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