Make alien species data more useful: recommendations


Thursday, 27 July 2017

Data on invasive alien species must be up-to-date, reliable and accurate, standardized and openly accessible to serve the need of tackling biological invasions. Biodiversity data are often scattered in many disconnected databases lacking interoperability.

An article resulting from a COST workshop, published within the framework of the Action TD1209 Alien Challenge, examines critical aspects concerning data quality, data accessibility and preservation.

Authors discuss and list seven principles allowing data usability and usefulness: the need of creating data management plans, create good set of metadata, improve interoperability of information sources, format data using existing standards, adopt controlled vocabularies for species properties, increase data availability and ensure long-term data preservation.

Q. Groom et al., 2017: Seven Recommendations to Make Your Invasive Alien Species Data More Useful. Frontiers, Volume 3, Article 13, June 2017.