Horizon Scanning Workshop: Predicting future invasions in EU seas - organised by the EASIN team


04/10/2018, Ispra, Italy

Horizon Scanning (HS) is a tool to identify and prioritize invasive alien species (IAS) absent or not yet widely spread, which may pose a potential threat to the environment in a given region. The outcome of an HS exercise is a ranked list of IAS which are likely to arrive, establish, spread and have an impact on native biodiversity or associated ecosystem services in a foreseeable future.

EASIN has organized a HS workshop which will be applied to the marine IAS which may spread in European seas, considering all taxonomic groups, from plankton to fish taxa. 23 experts on marine IAS from 12 European countries will gather on 4 and 5 October at JRC in Ispra, Italy.


The final aim is to deliver a list of ranked marine IAS that should be of high-priority for risk assessment and possibly future inclusion in the Union list (EU Regulation 1143/2014).

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