How to Contribute and Cite

Research and management of Alien Species demands international collaboration, data aggregation, harmonization and integration, as well as promotion of management coherence.

Sharing knowledge is a key issue when handling Alien Species, and a single entry point on Alien Species data can help their management at European level.

EASIN is a network of Alien Species Data Partners rather than a database, with a complementary and additive role to existing databases and information systems.

EASIN invites data owners, such as online and offline databases, Universities, Research Institutes, scientists, etc, to share their data and expertise on Alien Species occurring in Europe through a common network, increasing their visibility and their impact. The information indexed in EASIN provides the users of the network easy-access data at their original sources.

Original source of data is properly cited and credited in EASIN, and all data contributors are shown and listed with contact details.

If you are interested in contributing to EASIN and become a network’s Data Partner please contact jrc-easin(at)


For citing EASIN please use: European Commission - Joint Research Centre - European Alien Species Information Network (EASIN)