Editorial Board

The EASIN Editorial Board (EB) is the instrument for the quality assurance of the EASIN Catalogue.

The EB Members are scientists with taxonomic expertise on specific groups of taxa and habitats, responsible for handling species discussions within the EB platform.

The EB avails of a forum-like discussion platform, where all registered users can raise a “ticket”: a scientific question and/or comment related with alien species included in the EASIN Catalogue. A ticket can also include the entry of a new species into the Catalogue.

A discussion may be in place among EB Members and registered users about each ticket, which is automatically assigned, by using the taxonomic classification, to the relevant EB Member, who is responsible for handling and concluding the ticket’s discussion based on scientific evidence.

Tickets’ discussions are freely accessible to the public; registered users can intervene and participate in tickets discussions.

Each ticket’s conclusion will be sent to the EASIN Catalogue Master, who will be responsible for updating the EASIN Catalogue accordingly.

Please visit http://easin.jrc.ec.europa.eu/eb for more information and registration.

The Editorial Board procedures and training manual can be found here: Click Here!