EASIN online community


Friday, 8 November 2019

EASIN activity on social media (SM) has been focused since its inception in 2012 on delivering scientific contents on alien species in Europe and native biodiversity protection, also through citizen science, addressing the interest of a varied audience (scientists, stakeholders, general public). 



The number of followers has increased steadily throughout the years reaching to date about 2,000 followers on our Facebook page "@EasinCommunity" and more than 1,000 on Twitter "@alienseurope". 


Through these channels, followers receive updated information, may share data and submit questions, which we try to address as quickly as possible. Our followers have also been encouraged to join in and report the presence of invasive alien species of Union concern through the smartphone app "Invasive Alien Species Europe", which will enrich EASIN geodatabase.


A big thank you to our active community!!!