COLUMBUS Workshop on Maritime Sensing Technologies


23/01/2018, EuroGOOS AISBL, Brussels, Belgium

The workshop will address the challenges companies face in advancing technology readiness levels during initial R&D funding, and in bridging the gap between the end of the funding and reaching the market. Opportunities to overcome these challenges will be discussed.

The workshop results will feed into a ‘best practice’ report, to be produced following the event, summarizing these challenges and opportunities and making key recommendations for effective knowledge transfer. Such knowledge transfer should ensure that new sensor technologies developed with support from EU R&D funding are fully exploited towards a viable maritime sensor technology market in Europe. A draft version of the report will be circulated in advance of the workshop, and all attendees are invited to contribute to it.

  • Specifically, the workshop will: - Showcase the progress made to date focusing on some of the recent Oceans of Tomorrow projects;
  • Identify specific challenges, opportunities, and actions to be taken by specific stakeholders/funders; 
  • Discuss and validate the near final draft of the COLUMBUS Sensor Technologies Best Practice Report.