ICES-PICES-CIESM Bioinvasions theme session at ICES Annual Science Conference 2017


18/09/2017, Florida, USA

ICES-PICES-CIESM session: Bioinvasion trajectories and impacts in contrasting marine environments 

Organizers: The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), The North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), The Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM)

When: 18-21 September 2017

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US 

The session aims at comparing and contrasting invasion trajectories and impacts in different marine ecosystems around the globe for a clearer understanding of the most important factors contributing to invasion success while providing a standardized interpretation of the EU MSFD Descriptor 2 on non-indigenous species. The three organizations supporting this session have long histories of working on marine non-indigenous species issues in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean respectively, and this session will draw on this unique expertise to contrast marine invasions in these different systems.

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