Welcome to EASIN

EASIN (European Alien Species Information Network) is a platform developed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre which enables easy access to data on Alien Species reported in Europe.

EASIN builds on collaboration with existing European and global projects to deliver tools and information in support of Alien Species policies.

EASIN has been appointed as the information exchange mechanism supporting the implementation of European Regulation 1143/2014 on prevention and management of introduction and spread of Invasive Alien Species (IAS).

Latest News

Species Catalogue
Latest Version: 7.1
Latest Update: 27/3/2018
Species Geodatabase
Latest Version: 4.8
Latest Update: 28/8/2018


Download the IAS Europe App

Developed by JRC through MYGEOSS and EASIN teams, the app enables to report Invasive Alien Species occurrences in Europe allowing citizens to countribute to early detections of new invaders.
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