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EASIN (European Alien Species Information Network) aggregates data from all linked data providers and offers tools and web services to the providers and other interested hosts. All information provided by EASIN’s services are linked to the source data, where the user should seek more detailed and disaggregated information.

EASIN uses a well-known brokering approach similar to what is used by EuroGEOSS and also investigated in the context of GISIN (Graham et al. 2011) to index the data from the data providers. It includes three main steps: analysing the data source, capturing changes, and transforming the source data model to the EASIN data model. The latter preserves important elements from all data sources/providers e.g. geo-referenced elements and links to the original data collections.

The model also employs the mechanism for data harmonization among different sources. It allows the user to search multiple databases at once in real time, and arrange the results into a useful form for further reporting operations, such as mapping.

Quick Data & Maps

View some preselected data and maps aggregated by EASIN at European scale.

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Important Note

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and its earlier versions are not displaying EASIN widgets correctly, thus users are recommended to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or 9 or alternatively use the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome.